Child Custody

Child custody is determined at the time of divorce. If the parties were never married, child custody is determined through a petition to establish paternity. We litigate both. Post divorce, or after a court enters an initial custodial order, it is often necessary to relitigate custody. We are very experienced in child custody matters. In fact, the current child custody standard in Nevada – the legal test – is a 2007 case which we brought before the Nevada Supreme. This case, captioned Ellis v. Carucci, changed custodial law and the legal test to determine custody in Nevada. Yes, we know how to get you custody of your child, or how to retain custody, if you the victim of a proceeding to change custody. This case, among others significant appellate decisions we’ve received, is described in more detail in the Cases section of this website.

Custodial changes are among the most trying events in your life. We can take the burden from you and make the process – and your life – less stressful.

If you are making an appointment for a consultation, please print & complete the Intake Sheet to save you time upon arrival.

If we will be representing you in a family court matter, you will need to complete a financial declaration and child information sheet for filing with the court. Blank forms are available for your convenience.